On the road with the Jets – Day 5!

First of all one note I forgot to add in my last entry:
I’d like to thank all the fans – parents, billets, friends, staff, etc. – that have came out already to support the Jets. We’ve seen great turnouts at our first two games and look forward to much of the same throughout the tournament. All the guys appreciate it big time. Special thanks to Dean Portz for providing the fans and players an interesting (and sometimes colorful) commentary on how well the umpires were calling the game, as well as the infinite supportive comments he spewed throughout the night. Thanks Dean!
Today was an off day for the Jets and one that brought upon an interesting visit to one of the World’s Wonders, a lot of spending, and a lot of wind. The weather today in Vegas wasn’t too sparkling as 20 degree temperatures with cloud cover were unsatisfactory and wind gusts throughout the afternoon along with scattered showers kept the sun and heat at bay for today. We got up for a 9 AM trip to the Hoover Dam 45 minutes south of Las Vegas on the Nevada-Arizona border and it was a good experience. Many players were amazed at the size of the Dam and so it was more of an experience then many players expected. From there we headed to a Las Vegas Outlet mall where we shopped until 2 PM; it was only supposed to be until 1:45 but Mrs. Mossey managed to get lost so Coach Mac and Coach K had to go hunt her down. After that many guys left with their parents to do further shopping or enjoy supper with them. All in all it was a day off that was needed for the Jets as we have a very tough schedule planned for the tournament. Curfew was at 9:30 PM tonight because of our early wake up call which will be required to make our first game of the tournament: a 9 AM contest against Irvine out of California which will be played at the College of Southern Nevada Field. Check back tomorrow afternoon for details on the game.