Pennies for K’s Fundraiser

The Clara Hughes cycling marathon, a 12,000 kilometer odyssey, through over 100 communities across Canada for the Mental Health Association, was an astonishing accomplishment that inspired me to cycle for a cause myself.  It was to be for JETS Baseball.  The plan is to cycle 100,000 kilometers (k’s), likely taking ten years to complete.  This cycling goal was conceived on the basis of the number of kilometers Barbara and me were cycling each summer, that being 6,000/8,000.  I rationalized that should I cycle in the winter months, 10,000 k’s a year was possible.  Thus, 100,000 k’s in a ten year period.

However, as time passed, a change in focus took place; the ride goal went from a recreational one, a fitness summer ride with Barbara, to an athletic goal.  With that average speed was ramped up, as well, more time was allotted to the realization of the goal.  As a result, the anticipated achievement of the 100,000 k’s will likely be completed in just 4 years and not 10 as projected.  This goal will hopefully be achieved on my 82nd Birthday, October 12, 2018.

We will conduct, as pledged, a fund-raiser “Pennies for K’s” (kilometers cycled)  each year (until my 88th Birthday ) to coincide with the Baseball Academy Season, beginning September 1st and concluding March 31st, a period of 7 months.

The logistics are: complete the pledge form for “Pennies for K’s” (kilometers cycled), noting your pledge per kilometer, or your choice as per form and e-mail address.  Monthly updates will be forwarded to you by e-mail to all who signed up.

On March 31st, Barbara will e-mail you on the total kilometers cycled and you simply remit your donation to the Academy.

Please make your cheque payable to Horizon School Division No. 67 and on the Memo line note `Pennies for K`s` to get a tax receipt for your donation.

Thank you kindly for your anticipated support – Yukio and Barbara Kitagawa

To pledge, please download the VAB pledge form and submit it to the Academy.