Vauxhall High School

Vauxhall High School is a 7-12 school, located in Vauxhall, Alberta, Canada. The continued success of the school has been based on an outstanding professional team with a flexible approach to education. Our faculty consists of a unique blend of teachers, educational and school councillors, and professionals in their respective fields, coming together to create an environment that promotes both academic achievement and social maturity and growth. Our teaching strategies are based on the most recent advances in educational research, with a focus on teaching to the multiple intelligences. The educational sessions are rich with instruction, dialogue, group work, projects, and feedback.

One characteristic that parents find unique about Vauxhall High School is our willingness to look at each child as an individual. This student-centered approach helps to bring out a student’s strengths, develop their weaknesses, and help the student develop a better understanding of themselves. This requires knowledge of student development, flexibility, and hard work on the part of the teachers and administration. It requires a more in-depth level of understanding of each student, and a willingness to meet each student’s needs. The result of such an approach, however, is a more motivated student who becomes interested in learning, and excited about coming to school. The Horizon School Division which governs the Vauxhall High School is committed to maintaining a fantastic student to teacher ratio of approximately 21-24 students per teacher.

The Vauxhall High School has received several provincial recognition awards, the most recent being the Garfield Weston Award- Determination in Academic Achievement- This award recognizes school teams whose unparalleled dedication to teaching ensures that their students succeed academically.

The Frazer Institute publishes a report ranking Alberta schools performance. The Report Card on Alberta’s High Schools collects a variety of relevant, objective indicators of school performance into one, easily accessible public document so that anyone can analyze and compare the performance of individual schools. By doing so, the Report Card assists parents when they choose a school for their children and encourages and assists all those seeking to improve their schools. Of the 283 Alberta schools included in the Fraser Institute Report, the Vauxhall High School has been ranked in the top 10 of this list for the past 5 years. And we are proud to say we are one of the top public schools in the province.

Modernization of the Vauxhall High School was completed in 2012.

Fraser Institute Report Card on Alberta’s High Schools – 2010 -Vauxhall High School Ranks 8th out of 272 schools in Alberta.

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