Best of the West Field Directions!

Below is a press release from the tournament organizers in Kamloops.  Lets hope that the weather holds for us.

Good day Coaches, Managers, Parents and Players:

It’s the countdown to the 2009 KR3 Best of the West Tournament and weather
is looking good. REMEMBER, Kamloops and Penticton are part of the Sonora
Desert (the extreme north end) which means dryer climate and weather. It
is forecasted to be brisk for this time of the year, in Kamloops we are
looking at highs of 7 on Friday climbing to 12 by Sunday, but freezing in
the night, so early games and later games expect colder temperatures. In
Penticton,it will be much the same.

It’s springtime, so be dressed for it. I have included the link for
directions to the fields in Kamloops: