Sport Psychology Consultant

Joshua Hoetmer – Mental Performance Consultant, M.A., CSPA – Professional Member

Joshua was recruited down to Southern Alberta from Smoky Lake, AB in 2006 to attend the inaugural year of the Vauxhall Academy of Baseball. After the 06’/07’ VAB season, he attended the Prairie Baseball Academy and studied at Lethbridge College. From 2009/2011 he attended the University of Lethbridge and was member of the Emotion and Sport Performance Lab, where he studied stress and coping with athletes transitioning in sport.

After graduating from the UofL, he began working with elite youth and college athletes under the guidance and supervision of Christie Gialloreto, the VAB’s Sport Psychology Consultant from 2006-2015. In time, he completed a Masters in Counselling Psychology, became a Professional Member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association, and is a Certified Dynamic Edge Sports Vision Trainer.

Joshua is the owner of a private consulting business 90|TEN Performance Psychology, that he operates out of Lethbridge, AB, CAN. He delivers mental performance consulting services to local sport organizations, teams, and individuals in Southern AB. When he is not working with athletes and helping them improve their mental game, he is the Centre Coordinator at the Alberta Sport Development Centre SW. Joshua is proud to be involved with the VAB as the program has had a large impact on his life. The VAB has taught him many skills that have contributed to the successes he’s experienced in school, business, and life.

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