6th Annual Haven Agencies Invitational Tournament!

Vauxhall, AB – 

Haven Agencies (Peter and Connie Van Uden) and Intact Insurance are tremendous supporters of the Vauxhall Academy and we are proud to have both companies be a part of our 6th Annual Tournament.   See the tournament schedule below:

Vauxhall Academy Jets

6th Annual Invitational Tournament

Presented by: Haven Agencies

Vauxhall, Alberta, Canada


                            Home Team                                                Visiting Team

Thursday May 17th, 2012


7:00 pm               V.A.B                                  vs                     Lethbridge Elks


Friday May 18th, 2012


1:00 pm               Medicine Hat Monarchs      vs                     Lethbridge Elks

4:00 pm               Pro Baseball Force              vs                    Great Falls Chargers

7:00 pm               V.A.B                                  vs                     Pro Baseball Force


Saturday May 19th, 2012


10:00 am             Medicine Hat Monarchs      vs                     Pro Baseball Force

1:00 pm               V.A.B                                  vs                     Medicine Hat Monarchs

4:00 pm               Lethbridge Elks                   vs                     Great Falls Chargers

5:00 pm               BBQ (Players, Coaches and fans are Free)

7:00 pm               V.A.B                                  vs                     Great Falls Chargers


Sunday May 20th, 2012


10:00 am             Lethbridge Elks                   vs                     Pro Baseball Force

1:00 pm               Great Falls Chargers            vs                     Medicine Hat Monarchs

                                                                Championship Game

4:00 pm              #1 Seed                               vs                     #2 Seed