Schedule Update/MLB Strength Coach in Vauxhall!

Vauxhall, AB –

This weekends schedule has been changed from Okotoks to Lethbridge.  The schedule is as follows:

Saturday Oct. 1st

Henderson Stadium

12 noon – VAB vs PBA 1

3 pm – VAB vs PBA 2

Sunday Oct. 2nd

Henderson Stadium

12 noon – VAB vs Badlands

3 pm – 3 seed vs 4 seed @ Henderson Stadium

3 pm – 1 seed vs 2 seed @ Lloyd Nolan Yard


The VAB Strength and Conditioning Coach – Jeff Krushell (former Toronto Blue Jays Strength Coach and currently MLB Interational Strength Coach) is in Vauxhall this week working with the Jets on their strength training, movement patterns, agility, balance and overall athletic development.   Jeff is considered one of the top strength coaches throughout the world.