On the road with the Jets – Day 3!

Las Vegas, Nevada –

Today was another travel day filled with unneccessary, excess napping by all players (and coaches), a single lunch stop at the only respectable looking stop between Twin Falls and Las Vegas along the I-93, and a welcome respite from single digit temperatures. We got up at 7:30 to leave Twin Falls by 8. Not even a half hour into our trip Terry flew through a small town at around 20-25 mph over the speed limit and was quickly pulled over by your typical American highway patrol officer: middle aged, bald, and very proudly wearing a pair of large aviator sunglasses – very Super Troopers-esque. He tore into Terry for all of five minutes and off we were without a ticket. 
The bus trip went relatively quickly from there on and we made great time arriving in Las Vegas at 3:45 PM Las Vegas time (one hour ahead of Alberta time). We were greeted by 29 degree Celcius weather and not a breath of wind. From there we checked into the Travelodge, went for supper at Blondie’s, a popular sports restaraunt and bar located within Planet Hollywood’s buildings. From there Coach Mac cut us loose for a few hours to roam around the Miracle Mile shops located beside the Planet Hollywood complex. Curfew was for 10:00 as we have two tough games scheduled for tomorrow against Sierra Vista HS and Green Valley HS at 2:30 and 7:00 respectively.