Dustin Thompson committs to Spalding University!

Dustin Thompson committed to play for NCAA Division 3 Spalding University Golden Eagles in Louisville, Kentucky for Coach Rory Jackson.  Thompson received a very good academic scholarship as NCAA Division 3 programs are unable to issue athletic scholarships.  Thompson is planning on enrolling in the Education Field and someday becoming a science and PE teacher.  For more information on Spalding University please see the following link: http://www.spalding.edu/content.aspx?id=1854&cid=500

Coach McTavish had this to say about Thompson, “Dustin has came a very long way in his career at the VAB.  He represents everything we preach at this Academy – Better Person/Better Player (in that order)!  Dustin will be a very good student-athlete for the Golden Eagles and we look forward to following his progression.  He is maturing into a quality student-athlete and has been a pleasure to coach and we will miss him with the Jets next season.”